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    So I have found out the order of events that are going to happen chronological order, please pay attention and follow the list perfectly. We should all know by now that we are involved in a currency war and this has nothing to do with growth but control. The mainstream media is blocking Trump to address the Nation on what’s to come because they want you to not panic. This is a war with China and the control of power through currency. Most should know that China tried to implement the Juan to make it the standard, however the World Economic Forum and the IMF made peace treaties with all other countries under XRP- XRP is linked to X owned by Teslas founder and currently operates and designs space station arsenal in orbit for the US government. They can disable nuclear war head threats with infrared tech- Here is the series of events to come, this is no joke so focus as the play fit.

    1. Partnerships with all world leaders, banks, etc for global transactions established by peace treaties
    2. Test financial system reset switch and test response time for reactivation of power grids/ ie: tested recently in Pakistan
    3. Test, UK followed by USA starting on Jan 13-15 (don’t quote me on exact date, so be prepared with water, flashlight, etc. as all power supply and communication will be lost)
    4. Send in Military to DC to show strength as Trump stated to uphold law and order.
    5. Reset system from Tesla space station and secure any risk of anti attacks to US soil
    6. System Reset-
    7. Military moves in on Inauguration Day and arrest all domestic terrorism threats from evil politicians, judges including Pence, Biden and Nancy Pelosi>
    6. Next comes the Blast and Fall of China, like the author indicates in “China will Fail” The 589 is the 58th wing, look closely, see the X, which X marks the spot and shows a nuclear bomb.
    the bombing is due to shut down the cryptocurrency mining facilities that pose great threat on US soil, it is why Donald trump executive order has been floating around for chinese interference and why the NASDAQ is delisting Chinese companies. (BTC is mined in China, and poses a serious financial risk, so why not eliminate the risk, along with many other things such as viruses, the impact on our economy, our communication, Trumps vision plan is to cleanse it all in one bang. This will take the entire crypto market to fractions, and with the tether lawsuit, even worse.

    However out of the darkness light will emerge, and a new king will reign in money, that will be XRP and there will no other threats to the Nation leaders stepping into this method of money. Remember the IMF and Economic Global Forum leaders along with every bank in the World is behind this movement. China will no longer be the leader in technology and serve no risk to America or our way of living. However XRP will go so low for quck second that you will not have a fast enough position to catch it as BTC dumps with 1 HUGE RED candle, thus Moving XRP in same direction just as fast, it will be only 1% of people to leave there positions and watch it sink to be later awakened to a new type of gold. >>>>DO NOT HOLD ANY USDT ON EXCHANGES ESPECIALLY XRP>>>

    Here is the link to the video and after reading above you can see the chain of events that will take place starting tomorrow on Rubber Ducky Day! to Jan 20, 2021

    Everyone doesn’t want you to get rich, but I want everyone to, so if you follow the events above you will become wealthy!! Gold Bless Everyone-DO NOT PLAY THE RUBBER DUCKY GAME TOMMOROW>>>>>>JUST HODL>>>>>THAN HEDGE

    I would greatly appreciate some XRP tips, to my wallet> as this information is life changing >>>

    wallet : rKV8HEL3vLc6q9waTiJcewdRdSFyx67QFb
    tag: 24635270

  2. Scenario: (only got halfway through the video yet): XRP gets fined. Pays fine with the escrowed XRP at the crashed price at the time of payment (the ten cents that’s been mentioned). Now the US Treasury has the XRP tokens to use to rebuild the new global reserve currency. And in doing so, does all the things we have talked about, tokenizes all the dollar-denominated debt derivative assets, all the bond market, all the US debt, eliminates the Federal Reserve? P.S. I love ExtraVOD <3

  3. Keep up the great work !!! Bravo ! Thank you for all of the great content you share. You will be Well Over 100 K subscriptions. You are a Natural at it.

  4. Hey I just wanted to bring this to light some banks in Canada arenโ€™t allowing you to buy xrp for some people,also coinbase is not allowing a lot a lot of people to buy xrp but they can buy any other coins and also convert it to xrp this is very weird I live in Toronto Canada I used to be able to buy xrp but now I cant on coinbase my friend canโ€™t at all and he called his bank and they said you canโ€™t buy crypto but he said he wants xrp then they said buy bitcoin but still wonโ€™t let the transaction happen itโ€™s so weird but it didnโ€™t make any sense what they were saying it was bs!!please explain if you can

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