Ripple XRP The Biggest Day In History Is Today OMG!
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  1. I’m all XRP , but am not stupid!! I will not take anything Christine has to say as gospel, they will say all that shit so that the price drops , then they will buy tons of it , and then regulate it. She’s already named it a digital asset, she’s also said “regulate “ but she hasn’t mentioned what happens after it’s regulated. Simply because then there will be NOTHING against it. For all I know BTC could be made out to be digital gold and that’s that!!! I don’t trust them, and their motives , time and time again throughout history they have shown themselves to being not trustworthy on all ethical levels.

  2. Last ditch effort on the 113 possibility:
    It’ll be 11:13pm in New York shortly when most people are asleep… maybe then

  3. XRP will never amount to anything. Plus the new SEC chairman already
    said XRP is a security! Guess we will see but i won’t hold my breath. To
    many good projects out there to be worrying about XRP

  4. The Riddler’s strike again! January 15 “the biggest day in XRP history”…… The price goes down like it always does on the dates they give. LOL

  5. I literally just watch these vids to pass time and NOT A SINGLE one of these “CONSPIRACIES” has EVER came to pass… C’mon man at what point do ppl just realize that the FACTS is the only thing that matters in this market

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