Ethereum (ETH) Analysis & 2021 Price Prediction

Ethereum has seen a lot of news, excitement, and hype recently and new Ethereum (ETH) investors are flocking in to get a piece of the Ethereum pie. In this video, I go over what Ethereum is, why so many people are excited and investing in Ethereum, all the recent bullish news, and where we can expect Ethereum to be in 2021.

00:00 Intro
00:32 What is Ethereum
03:59 Ethereum is a platform
04:33 Real estate on Ethereum
05:08 What Ethereum will do
06:04 Ethereum news
06:09 Grayscale
06:25 CME eth futures
06:41 Retail
07:09 BTC/ETH
07:21 Ethereum Price
08:12 Outro
08:30 Portfolio View

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I am not a financial advisor. Nothing said in this video is financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.


    • @Raf bean 25 k for eth is impossible dude even if the all gold investors around the world decide to buy eth with their gold ETH can’t go that high.

      There was over 100m eth in the market in 2018 and still getting mined more and more.

      There are only 17 m BTC in the market and it’s market cap is nearly 10 times more than ETH that’s why we saw 42k ath in BTC.


      ฤฐ highly doubt ETH will reach even further than 2.5 – 3k usd before 2023.

    • @Truth Be Told Hey it’s Raf from the future, I’m here to tell you that Ethereum has surpassed 25k and is now worth 75k per token

    • @Truth Be Told firstly, i do agree that 25k/ eth is quite an unrealistic prediction especially in 1 year. However, if ETH was worth 25k/eth that would give it a market cap of 2.87 trillion USD. Gold has a market cap of about 10 trillion USD. So if all the money in gold was transferred to eth, which is obviously not going to happen, that would put eth at 87k/ coin

    • @Raf bean Hey man it’s Truth from 2021.

      cool man so PUT ALL YOUR MONEY IN IT RIGHT NOW and just hold it till you see 75 K . /sarcasm

      I tried to save you on this upcoming bear market but whatever lol.

      Btw ETH is not a token it’s a coin.

    • I actually think ADA has higher potential for bigger returns simply because of the smaller market cap and obviously because there will be a lot of news based on Goguen. Even after Goguen, I think ADA will yield higher returns than ETH, again because it has a smaller market cap

    • @Eager Money But before Goguen in the next few weeks? First get into ETH and then swap that into ADA? Or will they probably performe about the same?

  1. I live in Texas and cant sign up for binance us in order to get some VET, is there a good way to trade crypto? for example trading bitcoin for VET

  2. I’ve watched thousands of crypto videos by this point. This is the BEST explanation of smart contracts I’ve seen. I will use this video to explain smart contracts to those who are new to crypto. Thank you. Excellent job:)

  3. Great content but I think your prediction is kinda conservative ๐Ÿ˜…probably because Iโ€™m the biggest eth bull but I guess weโ€™ll see

  4. This is my first comment ever in You tube after long time watching video’s and let you know that this was the most educational medio about the Ethereum keep up the good work.

  5. Cool so it will eliminate millions of jobs helping improve AI and increasing unemployment … as Borat would say โ€˜very nice ๐Ÿ‘ โ€˜

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