Flare Spark Token Explained! XRP and Litecoin Update!

Many XRP cryptocurrency holders from back in December are looking for updates on the Flare Networks Spark Token airdrop. Well now you can include Litecoin into the Mix. So what does Flare Network set out to do? Solve the smart contract issues that are lacking in the XRP network so that they can communicate with Ethereum Smart Contracts. By using a separate blockchain like Flare Network XRP will now be able to communicate with Ethereum Smart Contracts. Its looking like the first airdrop for Spark Tokens will begin arriving in mid 2021.

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  1. Hate to say it but Spark will be the new xrp with a different mask on.. Got a feeling they know that xrp will be delisted for good, is why all holders got that 1:1 ratio. Just a thought

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