Ripple XRP DON’T SELL!!!

Ripple XRP DON’T SELL!!!

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Please always do your own research and do not rely on a single source of information for news (including myself). Question everything and make your own decisions. I appreciate you all and hope I help teach you a few things & keep you up to date with cryptocurrency!

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    • I met Dr. Mike back in CostaRica a few years back when I was traveling. I’ve been following and been coached by him over the past 3 months worth his skills and knowledge in cryptocurrencies . He’s always gives his time to make sure you have all the information needed to make the right decisions at the right time. He recently helped by coaching me with education on how to set up and get safely into the cryptocurrencies market and advised me the best and most cost effective way to secure and carry my currencies offline.

  2. The charges on Ripple and XRP is/or was done in order slow the U.S. economy !!! It is part of the GLOBAL economic warfare !!! That is being done by China operatives that have infiltrated the united states!!! BITCOIN has been going crazy/ while XRP with all the best advantages is being stifled!!! Bitcoin and all the money laundering is going to be wiped out soon!!! Just like Joe Biden !!! GONE!!!

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