Ripple XRP Few Will Ever Understand What Is Happening
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  1. ill sell 10 to 20% of my holdings at 3$, that would be 1000% for me so i can atleast recoup my deposit and take a little profit, let the rest ride if XRP ends up doing relatively better than the other alts.

  2. “Something crazy is going to happen guys” – how many times have you said that over the last 3 months? 🤣

  3. Those shocked faces will that of everyone being destroyed in crypto as tether destroys the crypto market.

  4. Someone say it’s dip of #XRP. But last 3years most of time #XRP have kept 20~30cent. It’s a top. I am sure #XRP is under 40cent for next 2~4 year. But someone will still say it’s a dip. Fuck! Dot better than xrp now

  5. Its so obvious btc amd eth is a distraction and this is a crazy shakeout so the peasents to join the .1%. After the delisting the whales will push the price so fast and high the masses will miss the best time to buy. So smart wealth change and now its decoupled from btc from what they did

  6. WHO in the heck is CLAY JAYTON???! His name is JAY CLAYTON. That tweet looks suspect! and yes XRP is not a security. All the other countries agree. The U.S is just lagging behind.

  7. 4 days after JB dies..
    then on 1/25 the banks go live using XRPL..
    “JB dies” could just be a reference to the inauguration

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