XRP WILL WIN – Ripple legal plan REVEALED how they plan to DEFEND #XRP

Ripple legal team reveals how they plan to fight the SEC charges that ripple sold unregistered securities.

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  1. I have to make this comment or I can’t sleep, sell the fuck out move to etherium and come back when XRP has been shocked backed to life (may not after sec).

  2. Why 500b, if you want dream please dream it bigger just tell everyone it will go 40k like btc , wake up bro , dump all rubbish coin better

  3. Yo everyone don’t listen to this guy he is lying Joe Biden ain’t your President Trump declare martial law a few days ago look it up on Google what is martial law and that means the military take over the government and it’s the military way now they got to deal with it and Trump remains in office for more years take that to the bank

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