Will XRP DROP OUT of 10 Cryptos By Market Cap? Discussion | Did Jed QUIT Selling His XRP?

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  1. XRP is gonna dump in the short-term, now that kraken is halting also on the 29th and the cherry on top is the tether lawsuit once we get that news the whole market is gonna crash, I predict a .10 XRP and I will buy back in on the dip and 3x the amount of XRP I previously had which should be around once we get some news on feb 22nd when the pre trial goes through

  2. Tether is in the final stages of the lawsuit against them, and they have been printing Tether to drive the price of Bitcoin & Eutherium through the roof, and other Crytocurrencies

  3. After ALL this bad news, XRP is still standing. That says a lot! Bitcoin has gone thru much much worse and it’s striving. So have faith and the drops in ranking is just temporary.

  4. Given that the U.S. makes up somewhere between 5-10% of all XRP trading, imagine if the rest of the world pumped up the XRP price in line with the other alt coins during the upcoming crypto bull run. That would be a pleasant surprise given this shady SEC lawsuit against Ripple that we American XRP holders are stuck in limbo with. But it’s the world of crypto where crazy things can and do happen.

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  6. ML… Im in the USA (NJ) …. what reliable exchanges are still selling XRP? Binance.us and Coinbase not listed…. Looking for an opportunity to purchase it…. when it drops again

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