ONWARD! Time for POSITIVE OUTLOOK as Challenging Events Pass for Ripple and the XRP Price Chart!

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  1. XRP is 1/2 back on pro.Coinbase. I can see it again! use the pull down/ on the ^ Select Market in the upper left corner

  2. Question for all XRP holders: At what price point are you going to sell/ think it’s wise to sell? I’ve been holding XRP since before the bull run in 2017 and bought in at .17. I kicked myself for now selling when it was at its peak. Hoping for XRP to hit at least $10 before I sell.

  3. There are alt coins out there which have gone 6,7,8x in the last few months, and coins that are doing it right now too. Even before the Eth ATH

  4. A very well plan job done by some organization to slow down the crypto world and suppress the price of XRP

    • Thank you BCbacker for your introduction. It’s very nice to received response from you. I have been following you and I love your information especially your 0.702 fib.

    • Then WHHYY are wasting your time watching videos about “dying hype trains” ? 🙃
      Ladies and gents we have a class A weirdo on our hands 👌🏻

  5. HELP! what do i do if i have shares of xrp in my coinbase still? is there a way to transfer my shares to a different app or what? how do i sell or buy more?

  6. hey BB, i have cracked the word Jim parsons from the simpson episode XRP to calculate the Gematria calculator to the English and simple Gematria. The same words for Jim parsons is …. Ripple XRP, social distance, stimulus, USA strong, XRP ripple, Linsay Lohan, Global warming
    But…. if you cut s back of Jim Parsons…. to Jim Parson. The same word is…XRP moon, Top chosen and Burnscoin.

    It is a super riddle once in a lifetime!!!

  7. If someone can please answer this that would be just great….I have a lot of xrp in my coinbase wallet. How the hell do I get it off that exchange and liquidate if and when I have enough of this xrp drama?

  8. Please if anyone sees this help me out. I had my XRP in Coinbase and then transferred it to exodus wallet. It’s safe in the wallet but once the time comes for me to sell I have no idea what to do with it. Does anyone recommend where I can send my XRP when the time comes to sell? Please I need help

  9. Xrp can be common currency for fair playing field for international trade and commerce because xrp is green/eco friendly, efficient, cost effective, secure and have proven track record through sufficient testing to gain public confidence. Xrp similar to amazon was initially suppressed like xrp by SEC lawsuits but have huge growth potential due to its vast utilities for continuous growth .

  10. Xrp can be a common currency for fair playing field for international trade and commerce. Thus xrp is a currency or asset and not security to benefit everyone in the global world. The big institutions like banks, etc. will determine and stabilize the price of xrp due to their huge capitalization. The price of xrp will increase at step incremental based on the demand of capitalization from the scale and number of participation of big institutions. Retailers will not be able to speculate the price of xrp due to small capitalization in buying and selling in participation of international trade and commerce but are consumers that can help free market growth. Xrp is a common currency and not security to promote free market growth in the international trade and commerce as the current fiat system.

  11. The worst is still in front of you!!! Pornhub adoption 😂😂😂 congratulations I’m buying more stellar!!!

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