Lawyer DEFENDING XRP Against SEC Says Case IS NOT A SLAM DRUNK, Says Maximalism MUST END

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  1. Sec are complete psychopaths- laughing @ investors for their loses, whilst ‘milking’ their own profits. Catching up on ur videos Moonboi! 👍😃

  2. Could the sec have waited 7 years to allow Ripple to build up business relationships, if they hit them earlier than this it may have harmed there position in Business. Now they have the all the partnerships on board the last bit of the puzzle is for SeC to give them the Clarity and there good to go, just a thought.

  3. Yep, don’t think XRP is going to be just answering questions, theres alot of Questions that the SEC needs to answer.

  4. Brad Garlinghouse has already said he is not worried about the lawsuit even though he is implicated! Well he clearly knows a lot more about the SEC lawsuit than he is prepared to share!
    Perhaps the SEC want something else rather than just having it designated a security!
    Perhaps the government want total control of the Escrow for XRP to continue down the road as a bridge currency! 🧐👀

  5. Its great to have experts in here updating us on the market structure on a regular basis. Although It’s no secret to anyone that xrp is currently aint living close to the hype influencers has been holding strong(the SEC suit being a major challenge though), and most of its holders are confused on what to about it due to its steady decline. Although holding xrp isn’t a bad idea, I am an xrp holder and still is, i believe with time xrp would get more bullish but for now we have to take advantage of the current market bulls. Holding alone isn’t just enough, i have being more keen lately on learning the ropes of trading from Sebastian. Learning from him as been really productive, with his experience and guide i have being able to understand how best to use signals and strategies from signal providers. If i were to choose, i would choose sebastian’s signal service over and over again. Sebastian’s service can be reached (crypto related concerns) on telgram (@sebastianbryan) and watsap (+447782861037). Lets capitalise on what’s in front of us, while we hope for a better tomorrow

  6. BTC is just not quick enough. XRP has the utility — and works. Indeed, if you want to move crypto — people usually convert to XRP and move it. So why bother with any of the other cryptos if XRP is fully mature and easy to use and very fast.

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