XRP Will No Longer Be Accepted By Thousands of Sellers (& Which Exchanges Support XRP?) | XRP News

XRP Will No Longer Be Accepted By Thousands of Sellers (& Which Exchanges Support XRP?) | XRP News

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  1. This video is full of incorrect information…… unbalanced and dangerous. Won’t be watching any more put out by this fool.

  2. Is this not just in the US? We have no problem here in the UK as it is classified as a currency…isn’t it already being used in some countries? I don’t see Japan having a problem with xrp…are you sure you are not just talking about the US? I find your content confusing as you seem to miss key points and I am just a novice

    • Yes he’s talking about the US . Coinbase is the biggest platform in the US and it has banned the buying of xrp . SEC headquarters is in Washington DC

  3. I’m holding. Safer to hold than sell off and miss the opportunity to make millions of dollars that would change my entire life 10 fold! It’s a risk thousands and thousands of XRP holders are taking because we believe it resolves a problem rather than most. It’s not trying to rid of other cryptos or compete yet it’s trying to compliment everything around it to be better in every way.

    • Also I wanted to note. Don’t fear the uncertainty of xrp alone. The thought of this Bitcoin crash will involve ever crypto as everything tracks with bitcoins movement. I don’t believe in Bitcoin. I do believe Bitcoin controls the crypto market tho

  4. hmm there is some other other then UPhold also bitbuy and another one . XRP is weird one i have mix feewlings lol

  5. Xrp will be fine and will never go to zero. Sec are in the wrong here. Ripple will just leave america abd both ripple abd xrp will thrive. Xrp is the bridge asset to all others not just the us dollar. I will just move from america. It will be the sec screwing america over and screwing themselves out of the taxes that could be made on it. America has sold itself off to communist country china have you ever thought maybe xrp and ripple wasnt supposed to be centered around us dollar but maybe the chinese yuan.and sec has also been sold off to china and helping china out to be the worlds financial leader? Democrats and communist want to see america whithered down to nothing but a 3rd world country.

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  8. Xrp can be common currency for level playing field for international trade and commerce because xrp is green/eco friendly, efficient, cost effective, secure and have proven track record through sufficient testing to gain public confidence. The big institution will determine and stabilize the price of xrp due to their huge capitalization. Retailers will not be able to speculate the price of xrp due to small capitalization in buying and selling in participation of international trade and commerce but are consumers that can help free market growth. The early participants include big institutions and retailers who have invested and adopted xrp will be rewarded when the price of xrp will increase at step incremental based on the demand of capitalization from the scale and number of participation of big institutions. Xrp is a common currency and not security to promote free market growth in the international trade and commerce as the current fiat system.

    • When free energy patents are released from the chains of restraint. Green energy will keep btc running without high cost mining. Ripple is going to be split up like the Old At&t. Too big for the system. By diesecting XRP.

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