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  1. BTC getting a nice pump now, dominance back over 63, taking out resistances, may be a good opportunity to buy Eth.

  2. Ethereum has seen some immense strength in the time following its capitulatory plunge towards $1,000 and it’s V-shaped recovery has allowed it to gain serious ground against Bitcoin, even posting a massive breakout against the benchmark crypto, although BTC remaining stable is also important, as any intense BTC selloff could create headwinds that hamper ETH’s near-term growth. It appears that investors are moving further along the risk branch as they rotate out of BTC into assets that have yet to see full-fledged price discovery, there’s a strong possibility that Ethereum will lead the altcoin market’s next wave higher as it is doing presently, which may mean that it has further room to rally in the short-term. Thats why most people prefer trading to holding due to its huge returns on trading over hodling. I started trading on crypto assets using strategies and signals from renowned trading expert sebastian bryant, made as much as $500k worth of crypto assets from starting a live account with $70k, that’s a major move for an amateur like myself. sebastian tellygram (sebastianbryan) and watspp (+447782861037) provides basic insights needed in understanding trading

  3. I just found this channel a few days ago. I gotta say, it’s quickly become my favorite! Amazing TA in most of the videos I’ve seen. Love the positive energy. Thanks for the great uploads! Liked and subbed.

  4. What do you guys think about the video? Also, BEWARE OF SCAMMERS in the comments, and scam adds. Don’t fall for it!

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