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BITCOIN TODAY: I’ll go through the Bitcoin & Ethereum news today & I’ll make a Bitcoin & Ethereum price analysis.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
0:00 Bitcoin News Intro
1:19 Bitcoin Price Prediction
5:24 Peter Schiff Vs. Elon Musk
7:49 Ethereum
9:12 $1,000,000,000,000

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


  1. of course they made profit, they were lucky but it could have been the opposite , and then the ones who are not lucky following your trades , they wont post it. And we all know Phemex is full of pumps and liquidation is daily bread

  2. In the world, there is about 90 trillion dollars of total money across all currencies and even things like stocks. How do you expect BTC, which is already at about 1 trillion, to keep going up, if it already basically takes up about 1% of all the money in the world alone already?

  3. i do vicariously enjoy whats happening to Bitcoin…watching and hearing you all rejoice..
    i sometimes pretend that MTI criminals never were even born, and there would lay my BTC
    safe and growing rapidly, …..solving all my worry money probs… and imagine the yippee!!!
    I am like a magnet for criminals….spot me, and there they are, lining up!
    Not so uncommon if you live in JHB, S.A…..but still…

  4. Good morning from Alaska folks! So I’m new to all of this and I’m wanting to further my portfolio and purchase Cardano but I’m finding it hard to find any suggestions on where to purchase it? I’m doing great with my bit coin and ethereum thanks Carl!

  5. Carl ,, you have to explain how to store our valuable cryptos. the security issue has become urgent now that the value has escalated so much. How do you store yours, I know that an incredible number of people want to know how a professional securely stores his.

  6. Do i need to move my BTC & ETH out of my hardware wallet back to CoinBase in order to start trading ? Scammers….F.O. please

  7. Gold is stored in centralized military compounds that require $1,000,000s in 24/7 labor and security. Peter Schiff claimed on Joe Rogan that Gold costs “almost nothing” to store.

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  9. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin but never discuss where the best exchange to buy or sell. Glad to know MXC as my exchange since last year. It’s Easy, fast, and secure!

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