Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Discusses the SEC vs Ripple Pre-Trial Court Hearing: Revelations and Bombshells!

Attorney Jeremy Hogan listened to the SEC vs Ripple Pre-trial conference and breaks down for you details about the Judge, the argument that the SEC HAS to make, Ripple’s defenses and the bombshell revelation that Ripple found out in initial discovery.

P.S. I missed it in my notes but should have noted a strong Ripple argument that was presented to the Judge: that XRP does not change or move in value in lockstep with Ripple’s business or profits but more-so with the price of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Creative and correct argument. -Jeremy



  1. Isn’t the reason Ripple didn’t mention KIT case is because if Ripple mentions that case they bring it into the arguement… However SEC have changed the lawyers therefore if SEC brings it up first them Ripple can dispute the KIT case that SEC changed lawyers to circumvent the precedent of the KiT case…therefore Ripple will force SEC to mention KIT first to force the KIT precedent back onto the table for Ripples argument… ripple need the KIT precedent on the table but they can’t mention it first… Sec need to bring it up to contridict their arguement…

  2. If not the current situation on the market this video would definitely push xrp pricewise big time, at least short term

  3. *Metal transition **0:22** – **0:23*

    Could Legal Briefs become even more of a top-tier YouTube channel?
    Jeez! <3

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