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  1. The judge already made a decision on her first sentence. She said what she said. “I will have to defend… err um argue their position that is not a security” Case is already won.

  2. Apparently you are not supposed to record or replay that call. You may want to consider taking it down as it may complicate the case.

  3. Crypto companys Tierion (TNT) paid $25 mill to SEC
    Block.One (EOS) Paid $24 Million to SEC.
    Has any one done a vid on all cryptos taken to court by SEC and the before and after affect on the value of each token?πŸ˜‰

  4. And then the way the song drops in and echo of β€œxrp to the moon” πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† fuckin amazing

  5. What freakin planet does the SEC live on? Do they really believe this nonsense that is regurgitated out of their mouths? What a fucking joke!!! None of us in here expected any return from Ripple and never have. Sorry, but the SEC’s actions are fucking bullshit!! I don’t feel protected by these motherfuckers at all!!! 8 years XRP traded, many companies buidling on the XRP ledger around the world, they did nothing all the while this asset was traded and sold on those exchanges to retail peeps for years here and around the world. Sorry but I’m pissed!!!

  6. Honestly I hope it does go to court so we can finally get this damn clarity! Been waiting too long for this man!

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