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  1. You guys encourage people to invest on a shitty Appolo Fintech GSX , I’ve been waiting for a refund 4 months ago…

  2. How does this whole crypto thing work, I’m interested in it and I’m willing and ready to invest heavily in it but I’m gonna need an assistance from any trusted and productive professional

  3. the market is always making corrections and all crypto is down at the moment..xrp didn’t even fall that much…it went way lower when the lawsuit was will go right back up when the market corrects again and crypto goes back up….bitcoin is so expensive now anyway it is not the best coin to invest in….any bitcoin you have should have been purchased while it was under $10K otherwise several other coins are making much better gains and quickly

  4. All the billionaires and big companies are creating fear to drive prices down so they can buy low. Then once they have done this they will then start putting it out there how great the crypto market is to drive prices up. Its bloody manipulation by the big cheeses and it pees me off. Elon Musk is just one of those twats doing it. It was not that long ago he was talking about investing in loads of bitcoin… what a hypocrite

  5. everyone know this…. remember the dot com boom then bust. this will happen to web 3.0, its only a matter of time. the difference today is, more people catch on quicker, due to viral social media. the word gets out. plus, billlionaires who are nice (michael saylor) are telling you what they are doing. this is an unprecedented time. the fiat system was always scheduled to fail. it has… we are being herded like cattle into crypto, whichever group of humans run this world, this is what they want for the system. and, in the end, we must make sure we understand the problem each crypto currency solves. its the utility, not the currency thats important. as i still learn and try to understand the math and deeper tech (i am a stanford grad from silicon valley, 2 startups) i am realizing that 1 of two scenarios will occur. 1. web 3.0 will simply be used to remodel and tie in to existing infrastructures, meaning crypto will “wrap around” and tokenize existing legacy systems. they aren’t going away for now… 2. it will replace existing legacy systems. perhaps 3. 1 happens, then we all revolt there is a currency war, the people rise up, then 2 happens. no matter what, make sure you understand this phenomena…. its startup days boys and girls…. fun, exiciting, lots of innovation, creativity, idealism and small guys doing big things. then, mergers happen in order to appeal and tie in to existing business interest. if you know cannabis market, you know this happened when it went legal. so, as professionals white collar come into this, they will force consolidation, tie in to regulations and existing legacy systems we all want replaced for the most part. Dapps will simply replace the fancy software systems everyone uses to run their businesses. Think of it as an upgrade. This means these companies we are viewing like currency, are really providing a utility, a service, no different than CRM systens, ecommerce systems, web design, etc.. do you all notice the pattern of how the next best software package for marketing contains everything? exactly. Peer-to-peer has always been what we wanted. back in the day, we would talk about it (1996) people who knew their stuff knew technically it was superior and allowed for more possibilities, but we lacked the infrastructure worldwide. and this infrastructure is now here. so, we couldn’t do web 3.0 without 1.0 and 2.0, so to speak. Now its here, and most my friends are on board helping make this happen. But, heed this, Bitcoin is the winner as digital gold. its perfectly designed to serve this simple purpose of hedging value like gold, but can move at the speed of light. Alt coins are a gamble, as their real function is to provide utility, a service. Enter XRP or even Stellar Lumens. they provide a service that replaces the 40 year old SWIFT system. Its the Ripple network (or Stellar) that is platform, the freeway, for all the cars, the tokens, to move on… but, ultimately, its a service. so, when I invest, i feel like i am not buying a currency. i am buying into the companies stock, which maybe since I am new, is how you all see it? Anyway, this is like investing in a stock for me. one day, there will be a time to sell when things start to consolidate. The big difference between bitcoin and gold is bitcoin can be replaced since man made it. its still technology, so Etherium and Cardano and Polkadot and Algorand and Ripple can still compete for its position, but the issue is, they’ve issued far more than 21 million coins. they arent as scarce. therefore, as long as humans agree bitcoin is the winner, it will remain as such and will not be dethroned, regardless of performance. its the mother ship, and grandma moves slow, but we all love her and she gets the younglings respect. I vote Cardano more than all of them because charles took his time and moved like an old bull, and is going to f&&%k them all. He reminds me of Steve Jobs. Its all about a bitchin platform and developer relations. He has both. And, the professionals, including governments, will align with him due to his diplomacy and intelligence and how he articulates the issues, the solutions, etc. He is easy to trust and his heart is in the right place. Like a hike, we cannot see two peaks ahead, only the next peak… And these peaks are coming faster than the dot com boom and bust. FYI, bless you all.

  6. Hey look it’s not a bull market. The whole market crashes. Not only will Wall Street go down and cease to exist but the whole entire crypto market plummets to nothing. Bitcoin and most crypto’s will be gone forever. A whole new market will come and it will be called quantum financial service. Ripple XRP will be Backed By Gold and will go to the Moon. Say goodbye to the markets. They were all corrupt and a new system comes worldwide. Keep your XRP whatever you do. Sorry if you have Bitcoin cause you will Lose it all.

  7. Hi I am from gibraltar southern part of spain a british colony I have been following you for donks.
    I have xrp now since the beginning and I do be live it will go down but it will go BOOM VERY HIGH a couple of thousands you see ( not tommorow) but a few years yes xxx

    • *+1..3..6..4..2..0…2..4…6…6…8*
      W β€’Hβ€’Aβ€’Tβ€’Sβ€’Aβ€’Pβ€’P.β€’β€’β€’β€’Mβ€’E.

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