The price of Bitcoin flash crashed yesterday and is still dumping after a short time of recovery. In this episode I show you the reason I found for the flash crash and what’s happening right now.

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  1. Bịtcoïn was down about 5.6% after plunging as much as 17% earlier Monday. The digital asset briefly drifted below $5O,OOO, giving up more than $8,OOO in a matter of hours after the world’s richest man tweeted his concern that the price had risen too high too quickly. It’s widely believed that volatile weekend swings are driven by individuals trading the cryptocurrency at home. So it’s also possible that prices fell on Monday as institutional crypto traders, who follow normal business hours, responded to Musk’s Saturday tweet that Bịtcoïn and Ether prices “seem high.” I therefore urge you all to stop depending on your salaries and join bịtcoïn trãding now that the price is a little low on cost. I have been able to accumulate 14.5O BTÇ in less than two months after quitting my job with Bryan Miller’s daily working strategies and signals. Y’all can agreed with me that’s a massive profit than depending on salaries. To those that wants to join and stop depending on their salaries or want to increase their portfolio just like me can go all out and contact Bryan Miller direct on his Telịgram handle @bryantmillertrade or Wh@Tsapp +12532317125 for any crypto content

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  4. Should wait until Friday and see how the market plays out. It’s way too choppy right now. F2 pool is screwing with us. I don’t trust them…

  5. I saw another vid saying margin calls trigged the massive sell off, as well as stop orders, if that is the case does that mean the majority of investors are buying on margin? as well as leverage trading???

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