(BREAKING) Judge Takes The Side of Ripple! XRP Price To Shoot Up!

The answer to all of our questions regarding the Ripple lawsuit and especially how it is going to impact the price of XRP is finally here. Also the verdict we were looking for has been granted! The judge in the Ripple vs SEC discovery hearing today has taken the side of Ripple XRP!

The judge has granted Ripple the access to all critical documents related to Bitcoin and Ether. Also all important documents regarding how XRP is classified as a security while the other cryptos are not. This is a major victory for Ripple and especially for the XRP price. As we are already seeing the effects of this.

The price of XRP rose to a staggering $1.1 today. At this rate and projection, the XRP price prediction will have to be updated with new targets as the previous ones will be broken. April has truly been a great month for XRP. Looking forward to seeing some new ‘all time highs’ for XRP price!

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    • @Ammo Nation im new to investing, would u say that its worth to invest in it now that it hits 1 dollar or should i wait for it to go down

    • @burgerstein The most successful xrp investors and traders have followed a series of smart principles, which will be even more important for taking profits moving forward

  1. Was looking forward to your update on this discovery hearing! Thanks for posting

  2. People are happy it’s gone up 50c fuck that I need it to go to 3-4 digits before I have any money from it

    • You are correct, judge doesn’t really take ‘sides’. But what was said in the hearing was in favour of Ripple 🙂

  3. I remember when xrp first got sued by the sec, you were so against it. Now xrp is good. Smh lol

  4. Dude! Take this video down immediately! Recording the court hearing is highly illegal. Seriously don’t fuck this up man.

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