To all Cardano (ADA) investors: URGENT! | Cardano Price Prediction (2021)

The CARDANO news today!
Price predictions of cardano 2021 in this video we talk about the todays news of cardano, cardano is part of all the cryptocurrency’s that are going viral right now like bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin also there are people that mine cardano but personally i don’t do that the short name of cardano is ADA.

Cardano better than Bitcoin?
Cardano is objectively better than Bitcoin. At a basic level, Cardano is Just Another Blockchain. … It’s proof-of-stake, not proof-of-work, but I don’t think the trading-card stats tell much of a story.

How much is Cardano worth in 2025?
ADA Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025
Wallet Investor expects Cardano to swing between 0.969 US dollars and 1 US dollars by December 2022, respectively. Comparing to TradingBeasts, Wallet Investor is believing that the coin will reach the compass of $1 mark quite easily.

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To all Cardano (ADA) investors: URGENT! | Cardano Price Prediction (2021)

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1:00 Cardano today
2:40 Investing in Cardano?
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6:20 Cardano to the moon?
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  2. I’ve just gotten into crypto and investing, so far I have invested in the following :

    I have 1x full ethereum, 45k omi, 117k Wink and about 6k VET also going to buy 500 ada.

    Can you tell me if I’m going down the right track and are these long term holds or do I buy and sell as prices raise and drop?

    • @dirtyboattrash 138 thanks man, I’m starting somewhere haha, is it best to keep these long term or buy and sell everyday?

    • @Journey to Success I hold long term investments like cardono and algorand because I don’t have tons of time to trade. But I do play with some shitcoins like Hoge. I tote a bag of dgb too. Some do well day trading, I’m just not that guy. Get a feel of what works for you and don’t listen to advise too much. That way if things go south on a decision you can own it. Warm regards and free markets to you.

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  4. The only thing that will affect the price is adoption of the tax and all of this bullish trend garbage is bullshit. I wish people would stop making these stupid videos.

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