Litecoin Price Analysis – 16th April 2021

Litecoin Price Analysis – 16th April 2021.

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    • Well I own 2500 xrp since 2018, and I owned doge at 0.003 in 2018 but I sold it. Xrp is amazing for the future… however.. dogecoin is a memecoin and it has absolutely zero use case for the cryptoworld. If doge crashes down to 1 cent I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I dont even know why dogecoin is in top 10, its a miracle.

  1. can you do a video tutorial on how to invest into your (or anyother) enzyme funds? A very basic one, one for beginners? Thank you.

    • Bro, litecoin goes up $10 every day, it goes up like $70-80 per week and you call that shit price action?

  2. A Shitcoin from a couple of chinese brothers , who cashed out and took the $$$ to Singapore to avoid US taxation….

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