SEC v Ripple XRP – Gensler Said What? Secure your XRP

SEC v Ripple XRP – Gensler said What? Secure your XRP




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  1. how can it be a security if literlly the whole world says it’s not a security SEC is working with some shady 🤡.

  2. I’m so feckin frustrated. I use etoro for my xrp holdings. but because I live in Ireland, I can’t move my xrp into a hard wallet because u must first move it into the etoro money wallet. but,… its not available in Ireland at moment. I’m stumped at what to do.any idea??

  3. So burn half ripple coins and call it a day …then overtake Bitcoin and ethereum ..let’s make some real money not pennies ..

    • @David Frazier. Seems like the price is suppressed
      Rises a few cents then drops a few cents …unlike Bitcoin ..and ethereum …I may just put 10 percent into
      XRP …and forget it …and roll the dice on etherium ..
      Xrp pumpers just praying for a moonshot ..of 5 bucks .
      Hopefully I’m wrong and xrp shoots up to levels in the 4 digits …xrpers ..keep on
      praying …

  4. Additional security code via SMS or email is not that secure! Authenticator app is much better.
    Oh, and buy a hardware wallet.

  5. Nice video!! engaging from beginning to end,I’ve gained financial freedom day trading,and ignorant people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  6. Very interesting how millions of coins are being moved around as the retail cannot move coins into a cold storage wallet and very interesting how the price is going up. Our government is out to steal people enjoy the ride

  7. What you should do is buy a new computer to use for nothing but your hardware wallets nothing else no online shopping or any google. Then buy yourself a nice apple MacBook Pro for fun stuff. Now the computer you store away keep it safe . I been hacked once in 2017 and it was funny as hell because the scammers sold all my coins on big profits they had to go to my email to confirm that transfer they had no access to I stopped the transfer then I bought all XVG and maker a huge profits off that then I sold and called its quits . Thank you scammers

  8. Remember where the Howey Test began…was a citrus grove a security? The Army cannot get beyond “Is XRP a stock in Ripple?” The definition of a security and security selling is much broader than the narrow definition that YT influencers push.

    • Regardless if its designated a security or not …doesn’t mean the price will rise ….”to the moon”.
      There are other coins which may provide better gains …

    • W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P ••M•E.°^°+•1•9•1•2•2•3•0•8•0•1•1

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  10. It will pass bc they need the money to support a new generation of Elites, our Rulers, the Ruling class.

  11. The entire globe is now acutely aware that the SEC is really good at killing the very technology the U.S. desperately needs to survive economically. They are also really good at destroying consumer investors.

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