New Court Document XRP SHOULD participate per Ripple Attorney’s, XRP Community Clubhouse,

“The SEC cannot represent Movants while making gross misstatements about them. Nor can the SEC represent Movants or other participants in the existing, functioning XRP market while seeking to destroy that market and frustrate the real purposes for which Movants hold XRP.”

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  1. Was waiting for “no pun intended” after you said “shed some light” on the “sunshine” meeting hehe 😉

  2. We need Cryptocurrencies and decentralized platform like Cardano to build a fairer economical, financial, social, judiciary and political system for the betterment of humanity…

    Pandemic and centralized manipulations by government or entities have not only brought upon the world corrupted system in many other aspects into reckoning, but it has also led us into financial revolution and crypto social movement. People are participating and using crypto silently as part of the social movement in changing the status quo – eliminating authoritarian regime and dictatorship while allow us to exit the current system to avoid the outrageous and endless money-printing in which, we know the government by stealth has stolen purchasing power indirectly from everyone over the years, not to mention they colluded with the private conglomerates to de-platform people from the social media(s) who are outspoken and have different ideologies from them. At this turbulent time, people are looking for a safe heaven, one of it is the Bitcoin.

    People bought Bitcoin at the moment is to hedge against the inflation and local currency devaluation, global uncertainties, loss of jobs and unwise monetary policies taken by the governments across the world while also provide a counter check and balance to the existing centralized nature of private entities who enrich themselves and enslave others. Crypto is the solution, it takes the power from the state, centralized corporate entities and put it back in the hand of the people.

    Protests, dissents and uprisings we witnessed across the world are the result of the outrageous fiscal and monetary policies implemented by the irresponsible government. The current system was designed to enrich the very few person sitting on the top. The current system that has been running for over decades was financially re-engineered to enrich the elites that had created many unwanted social-economical issues. Bitcoin and Decentralized Smart Contract platform like Cardano are the solution to fix all the trust issues, takes the power from the state and put it back in the hand of the people – in the form of money, freedom of speech, voting and level of playing field aspects.

    Apart from buying Bitcoin, another way to preserve the value of your money and participate in the crypto revolution as a way to protest silently against government’ irresponsibility is also to look at longer horizon and invest in a decentralized/#Defi platform that has its utility token to support the decentralized network, decentralized applications and decentralized communities. If you like bitcoin, then you will like Cardano. Again, it’s all about education and spending abit of time understanding it. You can’t talk about one without talking about the other. Bitcoin is a decentralized community money but it was not designed to run decentralized application and Ethereum doesn’t have limited supply – with that Ethereum’ appreciation may not be great in long run.

    Cardano has limited supply and halving cycle like Bitcoin and that it can be used to write better and more secured decentralized utilities and finance applications in its smart contract platform than Ethereum. Adding to that, Cardano is more decentralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined. You can almost say, Cardano = Bitcoin + Ethereum on the steroid..;

    You can watch it here why is that –

    #Cardano #Ada was built to change the world for the betterment of humanity – to provide fairer system, equal footing and opportunities for everyone in sharing the pies of the digital economy. Its technical superiority, philosophical approaches and more importantly its well-knowledge/helpful communities are second to none

    Cardano (ADA) is a better cryptocurrency. Cardano is designed to empower people, free the people from being enslaved by the elites while also changing the world for millions of people, that can also mean bringing wealth to millions as well. The more people Cardano positively being impacted, the more it will be used. Cardano’s use case will be different for all of us.

    The speech recently from Cardano founder’-

    Invest in yourself, your time on Cardano and be part of the journey in changing the world for the betterment of humanity, join us in the Cardano channel in and Telegram –

  3. Wow what is your iq – People that have such high iq’s usually know what it is…… great video!

  4. Good morning Eri x awesome update big shout out for you and John Deaton for all your unwavering support

  5. There’s roughly 10 exemptions in the Government in the Sunshine Act where proceedings can closed to the public. The SEC is claiming one or more of those exemptions. Look at page 2 of the announcement making rounds on Twitter. It means that they’re likely going to discuss legal strategy or other legal matters related to current cases or enforcement actions. At this point, I wouldn’t be half-surprised if they broached a question along the lines of, “Just what in the hell were Clayton, Hinman, and Berger smoking when they filed this suit?” Their business dealings with Simpson Thatcher, One River, Alibaba, et cetera reek of impropriety and worse.

  6. Hey Eri, I can’t really get my head around how to find SPAC’s but I saw that eToro is looking to IPO through Fin Tech Acquisition Corp, which is one. Etoro doesn’t have access to staking and all the other financial tools through the website but if you go backwards from the Ripple site and click on their partnership link for Etoro, you get to see what is being built. It seems that full access to Defi is on its way. They also added Doge and Uni recently. Always look forward to your videos : ) Thank you

  7. Eri, I never comment on any channel but you said you read all. Fascinating to watch this space evolve and learn what channels are honest vs about $$$. Your channel every time is an absolute listen any morning on the east coast in the U.S.
    Just need to find some Key Lime Kit Kats here at some point. Appreciate you.

  8. Isn’t 6th May the date SEC has to submit documents to the judge relating to Ether and Bitcoin?, quite a coincidence…!! Or to put it another way, better get this sorted quietly before the corruption goes public.

  9. The SEC is a wrecking ball that pretends to provide a public good to justify the big tax funded paychecks.

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