SHOCKING! Why Cardano ADA is About To Create Overnight MILLIONAIRES

SHOCKING! Why Cardano ADA is About To Create Overnight MILLIONAIRES
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On major exchanges, ADA surged 14 percent to $1.83, setting a new all-time high. It was last seen floating just below $1.80, having gained 14% on the day, 31% on the week, and over 47% in the previous month.

In 2021, Cardano’s results have been nothing short of outstanding. The cryptocurrency began the year at about 17 cents per token before rising above $1 per token in February. It has risen steadily since then, reaching a high of 793.6 percent since the beginning of the year.

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    • Not sure when I should buy. Will it drop to $1,50 once more? What do you think? I want to invest long-term.

    • @Kratos Then simply start as soon as possible and keep on dumping money in and forget you own it. That simple legit.

    • @Kratos whenever u can, this project is on another level entirely, and don’t forget to delegate using Yoroi or Daedelus, cheers

    • @Cardano 4life I ended up with exodus. The staking on cosmos is great at almost 10 pct. Ada is around 5

  1. Great video! I enjoyed it, the market is all about crypto at the moment, 2021 stock market is just difficult and unbelievable, i rather invest my money on crypto.

  2. *Investing* *in* *Cryptocurrency* *NOW* *should* *be* *every* *wise* *individual’s* *goal* , *in* *some* *Weeks* *time* *you’ll* *be* *ecstatic* *with* *the* *decision* *you* *made* *today* 💯💯

    • @Scott Miccall I stay away from a lot of the meme or scam coins even though they have had great gains recently. With most of the real projects time is on your side. When in doubt zoom out and hold. The people that bought the blow off top last bull run would be up significantly if they held through the bear market. I’m not a professional but it’s worked for me.

    • Honestly we have no idea! With Elon Musks tweet, maybe he will move to Cardano due to lower transaction fees. Who knows.

    • @The Lone Journey we hope so but Elon musk said less than 1% of Bitcoin energy/transaction. But correct me if I’m wrong I saw it Ada is 4 time only?

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  6. Way too much production value… radio voice, “Cardanoland”.
    Really? Who do you think your audience is? Who are you trying to impress. You sound like a carnival barker, a snake oil salesman, Robin Leach of Lives of the Rich and Famous.

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