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  1. I was so excited when I open my wallet and saw my profit of $8,900.what a good work you need exactly what I wanted.thank you so much for the payment mrs Dayanne acioll ❤️

    • It’s all started with a word to tre something new.my first payment came after I invested $1000 and since then I have received countless payment,her worthy to recommended her Dayanna acioll trade with her.

    • I actually took time to figure out the legitimatex and i can tell everyone the kind of woman you are.you’ve been honest from day one and finally I got my profit , Dayanneacioll thanks

    • Im still smiling! it’s been so beneficial try something new .the step taken couldn’t be much.so glad I came across me dayanneacioll I’ll keep on posting you

    • I’m so proud of having you as a friend and partner helping me turning $1,201 to$6470 for me thanks so much Mrs Dayanneacioll👏👏❤️

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  3. Guys, FUD is not working anymore. All paperhands SOLD. Now is our turn. BITCOIN IS NOW A LEGAL CURRENCY. Enjoy the next two weeks show…

  4. Coinbase is an absolute short and I’m surprised that other brokerage funds are not leveraging this space. Besides the absolutely outrageous fees, the features and functionality seem like they were built in the early 90s

  5. Coinbase trade fee is ridiculous and is going away just like Schwab, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade all went to $0 trading fees. Coinbase charging a fee is completely counter to the whole DeFi movement. They are dead in 5 years.

    • Lol, each exchange is coming out with cards to use on the street and exchanges are transitioning to staking/lending institutions. If we learn anything from banks, it’s that once you get a person to open an account with free promotions, the % that submit to sunk cost fallacy and adjusting to the learning curve will yield higher user base and more fees. So, Fees aren’t going anywhere in the next years, they will attract new users with promotions . They might reduce fees through referral or other participation incentives like binance does, but coinbase makes more money the more volatility cryptocurrency has, so until BTC is moving like a stable coin, expect coinbase to make more and more as the crypto market cap moves up.

    • @N B What is the ‘promotion” from Coinbase to the average person on the street? I’m not talking internet crypto nerds. Just regular people. Banks used to send out free Visa and MasterCards to people in the mail (broke people) w set credit limits. They didn’t ask for those cards – they just got them. Then went crazy w the ‘free money’ they got in the mail and later they learned what an 18% interest rate means. How is Coinbase pulling the crowd?

    • As a first time investor, I started trading with Mrs angela with just a thousand bucks, now my portfolio is worth much more within just weeks of trading with her

    • Amazing, i also just started trading with MRS ANGELA REGINA MENDE, she is the best at what she does. With an initial investment of $1500 i made up to $5830 in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing

    • I will love to jump into this investment cause seeing people making huge amount of money from cryptocurrency really gives me joy and am triggered to be an investor

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