Hey guys welcome back for another YouTube video we will not only be covering Cardano ADA and why I’m still buying even with this level of uncertainty, but the entire crypto market looking at bitcoin as its the driver of value in this space FOR NOW! HODL



DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser and this video is not financial advise this video is here for entertainment and educational purposes only! thankyou

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  1. Sorry, but one of the worse video’s you guys has ever put out. I don’t need a Pep Talk. What I need is your Technical Analysis. This was like you guys are crying about spilled Milk. Not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not happy to hear you didn’t like the video how every I really appreciate the feedback on a TA perspective cardano is in a down trend, the reason I didn’t touch on it in more detail is due to it being heavily linked to BTC price movement Bernie, btc right now though is showing some promising signs despite the everything, I’m BULISH crypto period! Thanks for the comment and feedback hopefully next one you enjoy more

  2. I feel the same way. Not that I think we will, but…. If we do go into a 2/3 year bear market then I will just HODL and accumulate.
    The Desmocedici can wait.

    • T•h•a•n•k•s ••f•o•r•• f•e•e•d•b•a•c•k 🤝 f•o•r• m•o•r•e ••g•u•i•d•a•n•c•e W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p ••m•e +•1•4•0•7•9•0•6•0•2•5•2…✍️

  3. I take this last dump as a warning to limber up my finger to click that sell button according to my plan for once instead of getting greedy. Starting to feel like a big upward move is coming

  4. Big things coming for Cardano, yes definetely. But it won’t matter for the price if Bitcoin doesn’t go up first.

    • Exactly how I feel. I will come back into the crypto market when alt coins prices are not dependent on bitcoin.

  5. Will cardano rise no one knows. All this hype on all these alt coins. If Bitcoin tanks it doesn’t matter how good the coin is.

  6. I am going to be adding weekly too until it hurts then I will smile because I will be part of the new wealth class

  7. Ada is long play. Eth was interesting til the miners pull their bs.
    If you’re into crypto for only the quick money you’re in for the wrong reasons.

  8. < The crypt0 market is in a fierce debate: is the top of the B!tcoin bull market in? Bears salivating for cheaper coins. Even if you aren’t a pro at technical analysis and couldn’t read a chart if your life depended on it, it is pretty clear that tops and bottoms come to a sharp point most of the time signaling a rebound is ahead and the violence left behind. Rounded bottoms do commonly appear but are a slow grind of a process and tend to stretch across a long timeframe. The shape and pattern of the recent BTC “top” have many trαders and analysts confused. Where is the blow-off phase? Where is the bearish retest? What type of pattern even is this? All of these questions are used as firepower to make an argument that this isn’t a top. BTC is clearly suffering prlce manipulation but the top ain't in yet, now's a very good time to accumulate more coins in your portfolio while waiting for the price to run up. I trαde daily with trαde signals from Edward James and I have been able to increase my portfolio from 3 btc to slightly over 12. With his trαde signals being copied in my trades and exchange, my trαdes have gotten better and I urge lnvestors to find suitable trαde guides and do the same. I can attest to the accuracy of his trαde signals and he can be reached on Ꭲ Ꭼ Ꮮ Ꭼ Ꮆ Ꮢ 𐋎 M << [@Edwardjames022] >> for more inquiries into his services.

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    • The market is full of so many opportunities now, but the problem is recognising them. Edward thanks for showing me a better opportunity in crypto

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