Ripple XRP Breaking News OMG This Is Not Happening
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  1. Really? And mining oil, coals, minerals, gold, silver, lithium,.is good for environment? All is energy efficient? CAN nobody see their agenda? All is about carbon taxes. NSA create BTC and now they want shot down?

  2. bro im not bitcoin fan but u need to understand bitcoin well staying for ever u like it or not also those politicians they want as to stay in stone age so they well go to war to keeping people in the system

    • Thats true, xrp only increases if htc increases, and dropped if btc dropped…these people think they know alot about crypto, but actually they are not…

  3. Becareful of what you wish, if btc go down what do u think to xrp? Xrp only goes up if btc goes up and goes down if btc goes down. If btc go to zero xrp will die…

  4. Thanks so much for deadline warning ExtraVod! I thought the snapshot was the claim lol! You saved my Spark tokens.

  5. Everyone was kept in the dark about AMC now you all have missed the bull run. Meanwhile the NEWBS got everything.

  6. Crypto holds value as a form of good money that is superior to any previously discovered or developed form of money

  7. Year 2050: xrp still below a dollar.
    Xrp army: yes we are close to the moon already!! It is coming the conspiracy theories states this!!
    Xrp youtubers: *charting graphs* oh yes this is it guys its gonna be 100-1000 dollars soon.

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