Ripple XRP: David Schwartz Deletes Telling Tweet During Settlement & FLR Token Location For Ledger

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  1. If the market crash, everyone need to sell soon as they can before they lose more money. This saved me hundreds of dollars

  2. I’m saying it again… this Lawsuit seems weird 🤔 because all Ripple had to do to avoid it, is move the company to Japan..where the use XRP to Buy stuff

  3. Maybe David deleted at exactly 589 to show us that the dream of becoming rich with xrp is over because they’ll loose the case😂😂😂😂😂

    • It brings XRP into the smart contracts world. Whatever XRP you held back in December, you would get some free spark.

  4. David’s tweets, Brad and Michael’s palm tree necklaces….
    Dude the settlements been made. now they are ALL just stalling as banks take there positions. check and mate!

  5. I guess all the employees at Ripple are going to be millionaires even the janitor 🙄 you think it’s gonna be thst easy just buy XRP and your a millionaire along with the thousands of employees that work at ripple and buy XRP and are given XRP 🙄🙄🙄🙄 insane brainwashing

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