Ripple XRP Explosive Imminent Move Coming Now

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    • @curt is yes correct. Plus if am jed mccaleb i rather hold my coins then sell them frequently if i knew it was gonna go up in the future. Some other facts r really there as well. Why ripple gg ipo? Cos they know after this lawsuit they might have limitations on selling their xrp as well. N ripple cash cow is xrp. All the partnerships ppl rave abt? All the partnerships did not influence the price at all!! Ppl shld think abt it n ask why? Cos these partnerships use the ripple blockchain and not xrp. Like all these facts are there but some ppl fail to realise this. Oh wells some only learn when they get rekt.

  1. Some time i just find those youtuber talking nonsense and nonsense… give us lot of hype and keep watching and youtuber keep earning view.

  2. Dogecoin was the meme that started all, Shiba is the meme that brings purpose to it🦊NFT’S & SHIBA SWAP soon!!!(MOST Bullish DeFi Project May 500x)

  3. I had to stop telling my coworkers/friends because im starting to look and sound like a crazy person, i’ve told them long enough will just accumulate and disappear into the sunset.

  4. It’s gonna crash! This is comedy. To the moon on such and such dates. Bitcoin has to die. We need to decouple from it.

  5. All nice and well. There is no volume my friend, based on that it will fall hard before it goes up. Personally I would wait to buy until it hits 68 cents. You are comparing cup and handle’s from years ago when there was no economic collapse. We are at “war” with the new world order. And although it’s not a kinetic war, it’s an information war and a global takeover by the banker elite, the WEF/Bilderberg/Davos madmen. XRP will hit those high numbers, but not just yet and it depends on what “the rich banker families and elite, allow us to own”. Again, this is NOT your average economical dip. This is 100% manipulated, as is the stock market, gold and silver prices as is the SEC case. Ripple will win in the end but only when the SEC allows it to win.

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