Ripple XRP News Today | Ripple vs SEC Update | XRP Price Prediction 2021

Today we’re going to share our Ripple XRP news today, we look at the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit and give an update. We also take a look at the Ripple XRP price prediction 2021 on the daily chart and hourly chart. Could Ripple XRP be about to breakout?

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In this Ripple XRP cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest Ripple XRP crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours. We also open up the live chat to Q&A and encourage an active open, two way communication to help everyone grow together.

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  1. You being sold the new. FYI…. XRP will be deemed a security to crash the XRP wishful thinkers,, good luck… but 2 months following they will change it however the price will be to the ceiling by than..Its a shakeout, There is no lawsuit.. part of a bigger plan.. come smarter

  2. I honestly think if XRP loses the case it will be due to Government corruption. If Ripple wins I see the price $10 within a month and $20 to $35 by end of year. I am not an American, crypto currency terrifies the US treasury, the USA has been able to go Trillions in debt essentially bankrupt and considered too big to fail. The evolution of digital currency will make the US dollar drop like a rock, a digital currency can not be just printed like a countries paper dollar when that country can not manage its budget.

  3. I see settlement. I see a significant settlement as well as post lawsuit trust will increase. Ripple will be the turtle in the race with the hare. I just get a good feeling all around how much this is going to not only help xrp hodlers but the space. The space will find comfort in a fought the law and they won clarity. Plus going public this is going to be ginormous

  4. Under a settlement with the SEC there is a strong chance the agreement will include some limitations concerning sale of XRP. This might be why we see XRP being transfered in anticipation.

  5. Definitely a settlement to this phony lawsuit, and then XRP goes to a very high price because it would take a high and stable price to bridge the transfer of billions of dollars around the world. I have a sneaky suspicion that, at that point, we may no longer be allowed to own XRP as they couldn’t have the price keep fluctuating (with people buying and selling), and that’s where the Flare Token (Spark) comes in. They take back the XRP and we get Spark. I found it really strange that Coinbase kept insisting they would not participate in the Flare drop and then at the very last minute they did participate. At the time, I wrote to Coinbase Support and complained that it wasn’t fair that other exchanges were participating, but not Coinbase. They wrote back that they were not “set up” to do it and so they couldn’t. I think they were forced into it because all XRP holders have to get Spark. They can’t just take away your XRP and give you nothing. That’s what I think will happen. Let’s see if I’m right or if I’m nuts. LOL LOL. 🙂

  6. I think SEC is stretching and reaching like a yoga session. I think when it’s said and done ripple will win and XRP to 5k. I got a vid where I show why I think 5k.

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