SEC Bringing Irrelevant Evidence Against Ripple! XRP News, Price & More!

We are only a couple of weeks away from the end of this discovery phase between Ripple vs the SEC. Bought sides have fought hard but it seems that Ripple has come on top as a winner. The recent hearings have brought victory not just to Ripple but also to XRP. Now the SEC is playing dirty tactics by bringing evidence that is not relevant to the XRP case.

In todayโ€™s video we will take a look at how the recent SEC vs Ripple situation is impacting the XRP price. Most importantly what exactly is happening and when can investors expect an end to this lawsuit. That hasnโ€™t allowed the price of XRP to increase.

Also in the video related to XRP news today, I talk about SECโ€™s extension to the discovery process and how Ripple wants to end this lawsuit as early as possible so investors get a chance to see a high return on investment in XRP. This and more XRP news today!


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  1. The only person responsible for this debacle continuing is the judge, the SEC case is groundless why does she allow the case to continue, incompetent or frightened of the SEC?

  2. The SEC is bitter and spiteful. They don’t want to let the xrp bulls out of the penn. They are holding on to the gates and hoping for the bears to come in. Since they know they can’t win, they want to hurt ripple in other ways ๐Ÿ˜ž

  3. Hi there, im new to crypto, but have dmor on the xrp technology and for years have been talking about the collapse of the fiat system which is inevitably around the corner and come to the conclusion that in the long run, xrp just really seems to be the only answer to alot of the banking systems problems when u compare it to xrp its just way to outdated, and just seems to me that they will have to use this tech, i just cant see the elites mossing this oppitunoty to take a massive step in to revolutionising the financial system and sweeping this tech under the rug, and never hearing from it again, unless they figure out ripples techand claim ot as their own, but i cant see that happening, these elites just arent smart enough and just do what they do best and suck the blood and life out of the people like true vampires, then be done with their victims once they get what they want. Im in deep with xrp, and holding with diamond hands, but i dont know the cycles and my question is, with xrp adoption just around the corner, why arent their more people like myself investing i would have thought this coin would of been pumping with the way the worlds goin, to me its obvious, are people waiting till the court case is over for confirmation, which tells me they scared of xrp possibly losing, and when they do win theirs goingto be an absolute FEEDING FRENZY, which at that point i can say ill be pulling out the popcorn, sit back and watch the show, in early relax through the fomo,… anyone got any answers to my question? Haven’t been in crypto long enough to know how the market goes, but have total faith in xrp!!!

  4. Why sec is asking more time. Pressure tactic to see how other one is reacting. And to cool off the judge. And testing. But i think best intetest of sec to settle. I see i. Future were sec is gping to be impeached because it hurt lots of people.

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