Stellar XLM is going to be a huge crypto cryptocurrency

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  1. XRP & XLM are linked. Jed’s sales of XRP is to grow XLM’s adoption. I think the real reason Jed left is cuz they needed two networks, one for retail and the other one for institutions. These people are all connected, Both networks will be used in the new financial system. I know Jed said on previous interviews that he left ripple cuz he didn’t agree with Chris Larsen but That’s the perfect excuse to go out and make XLM.

  2. Bitcoin is made by the cia hulk just the same way they busted all these guys big drug guys with fake cryptic phones

  3. Crypto is the new gold
    The crypto market has bounced back on Wednesday, with bitcoin, Ethereum (ether), Cardano (ada) and dogecoin all showing signs of recovery following a major price crash at the start of the week.

    The cryptocurrencies were boosted by news from El Salvador that BTC will officially be recognised as legal tender, allowing people to use it to pay for goods and services in the Central American country.

    Bitcoin’s price immediately shot up by 5 per cent following the announcement, while other leading cryptos also rose by a couple of points.

    The uptick pushed the overall market cap for all cryptocurrencies combined back above $1.5 trillion and has -for the moment at least – halted a price slide that began in mid April.

    Bitcoin has stubbornly refused to drop below $30,000 throughout the downturn, with some analysts seeing this mark as a point of no return and the final signal that it has entered a bear market

  4. Agreed from day one I said someone pushes green buttons and then red buttons….

    I don’t think retail will be able to own xrp at all

  5. All this chart analysis were selling a pile of shit wrapped around with dodge coin, during the bull market where are they now???????

  6. Hope xlm goes to the moon i will sell some next time it pumps and buy again when it drops to accumulate more coins

  7. My sentiments exactly you know I’ve been listening to the chicken littles in the silver world since 2014 now one day they will be right I’m just sure of it but they haven’t been people like Peter Schiff and he’s full of Schiff right the only reason they push anything is so they can sell that thing to you….
    They’re not trying to protect you from the zombie apocalypse although I believe there will be a c vid zombie apocalypse. They are trying to sell metal I mean look at the premiums on Silver Eagles they keep getting higher and higher and the spot price for the J p.m. manipulators of the metal markets you know those wonderful ETFs are paper silver keeps going sideways they went cold go up hell they let platinum and Palladium go up but silver the most strategic metal in the world the number one conductor of electricity go sideways hoping that people like myself release and let the industry and corporate bigwigs all those hedge funds or dollar silver at bottom basement prices that’s the same thing they’re doing with xrp hoping to scare jewelry tail off again so they can hoard The Lion’s Share of xrp and xlm and all the truly useful to the central bankers and their digital currencies

  8. So the central bankers create Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and they make us think it was our idea so we would embrace it instead of run away from it

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