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  1. In selling at 10 bucks…only a very small amount though lol…just some spending money cushion until the real fireworks!

  2. Enough with your goddamn moons and bull💩 judge just granted the 60 days and now we are looking into 2022 for some sort of clarity. So fckin STOP

  3. SEC has been granted 60 days because that is how long you all have left to stock up on fuel food ammo first aid faraday bags before the collapse.

  4. so, u r telling me that this month, or this week is a good idea to buy and hodl XRP??? would u recommend me to at least buy 10 dollars in XRP??? thanks, greats from colombia

  5. BTW, last week i saw, i read something about XRP “taking” the SWIFT and BIS, or any related to that, what can u tell me about it?

  6. Nothing is going to happen untill 2023. XRP price will not move untill 2023
    After war If USA and and its allies wins then XRP price will move

    • I saw it go to .27 on Coinbase… none of the other exchanges or charts displayed the dip. I believe it was a Coinbase glitch.

  7. Lol, xrp is still not ready to skyrocket,..wait till the 60days requested by the sec end and we will see it s fly to the moon, for now for this month nothing will guys should know this.

  8. Looking for logical, rational conversation regarding XRP and I run into this garbage. No wonder the XRP community is not taken seriously.

    • C….O….N….T…..A…..C…..T

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