The Biggest Risk of Ethereum 2.0 | ETH holders must watch!!

bitcoin is pumping yet again while altcoins are not so much. In this video we will take a look why bitcoin is pumping then most impotently we will analyze possibly the biggest risk in Etherum 2.0.

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  1. I almost got thrown out of the house ,not until I met Acidushack they did a great opportunity recovery for me🥳🤩

  2. i first thought this god sent Acidushack on telegram is a scammer like other until i got 4btc straith transfer into my wallet❤️👍

  3. I love eth and more and more, with eth 2.0 the big change is the energy consumption, in a world where energy is becoming scarce it is fundamental to save it, Thanks V.T for the POS

  4. I don’t care much about the potential risk of Ethereum or anything else but rather on the best potential for – benefit for all – through real decentralization and scalability.
    You should have a look at chain from the s, which does chross-chain defi (even with btc) and their superior approach to decentralization with EPOS (effective Proof of Stake) , cost and scaling has big potential…
    It’s still a pretty good 10x gem for this year imho.
    At least.
    Even more so, if things are not so good working out for eth 2.0 as promised.
    …. and if peeps start to wake up to the centralization issues on BSC…

  5. Rocketpool is the solution to staking eth in a liquid and decentralized way with an entry level od .01 eth. With large support from the Ethereum staking communities.

    Still not listed on major exchanges and one of a kind project. Have you ever looked into it Aimstone?

    • T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g
      F..o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e
      +1 …-7…-7…-3…-6…-6…-6…-8…-4…-9…-2

    • W..H..A…T..S…A..P..P..>< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      +••1••7••7••3•• 6••6••6••8••4••9••2••
      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I••N••V••E••S••T<>IN<>C••R••Y••P••T••O••…
      B••T••C<>D••O••G<>A••N••D< E••T••H!??

  6. Ethereum is a mess. In the end, they will have to hard fork. period. And Cardano has been fully decentralized for block production for months. They had their day. it’s over.
    Guys, remember how he said PoW is the best source of value. It IS. all these PoS systems will still depend on PoW like fiat depends on precious metals (like, not exactly). Focus on BTC, LTC, ETC and hell even DGB. For PoS, it’s Cardano right now.

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