Ripple XRP The Path To 3 Digits Exactly As Predicted

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  1. Nobody predicted this sec 60 day extension did they ? No ! ! No matter what happens in the courts, The sec has already won. Nothing to do with being a security or not being a security. That is just a distraction. There is a hidden agenda to suppress the price of XRP during this bull run. Mission accomplished. XRP is still lingering around one dollar while everything else hit all time highs. . Bull run will be ancient history by the time this court case finishes. .

    • Amazing !!… I also started trading with Ms Joanna , she’s the best at what she does. With an initial investment of $1400 Canadian I made up to $5230 profit in just a week of trading with her, her strategies are mind blowing

  2. BREAKING NEWS: This is Bad news Guys .
    GAME OVER!! For XRP,THE SEC’s REQUEST TO EXTEND DISCOVERY DEADLINE IS “GRANTED” By Judge Netburn …. Ripple will lose and XRP will be zero price..Save your money..

  3. Yes people!! We spoke about xrp in our latest podcast which is out soon, spread the word, spread the potential wealth!! 💯💯❤

  4. Interesting fact …. You can no longer purchase XRP on Coinbase (purchasing power for XRP was “haunted” in middle of Jan. 2021) it no longer says it supports “XRP”, so why did Coinbase’s analysis say XRP’s price was .26 and Upholds analysis say XRP’s price never changed yesterday morning @4:45am … 🤯
    I was just talking to a friend after viewing your video and he said XRP never dropped last night (early morning 4:45am) because he wakes up at 4am every morning to check out the market and such … a little Erie … to say the least ???? So is Coinbase manipulating the price of XRP….. I’d say yes !

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