The SINGLE Most Important Cardano (ADA) Price Level Right Now

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  1. Perfect!! thank you for your educational videos. Lot of people misunderstand the ideology and importance of technical analysis with regards to crypto, Technical analysis predict the movement of assests prices despite whats occur in the Crypto market, strategies can be quite different which is why most newbies/traders hold their coins which is very threatening as when the market goes bearish. The market is unstable and this is the best time to take advantage of the market because of it fall by buying now and trading for greater profits, i was able to grasp the knowledge of crypto assest trade early last year but due to my lack of technical understanding of analyzing the digital market, i almost lost all my coins but it all changed when i came across a video on YT giving accolades to Mr. Emil Oliver for his strategy and provision of accurate signals, i must admit trading routes is not an easy task to learn but with the help of Emil i was able to understand how the market works, under his care and his signal service i was to recover my loss and grow my portfolio from 1.3BTC to 6BTC in just 2months. I will urge traders or newbies to have orientation of trading before they indulging, for assistance you can reach Emil on Tele gram (@ Emil_signals)

    • This is exactly what Big time investors is talking about, not just you. key thing here is to always trades with a good strategy even if the price goes up or down.

    • I’m also member of Emil trade session and a full time beneficiary of his daily signals, i increase my 1.6btc to 5.3btc within 5 weeks ✅ …

    • I was able to attend one of his seminars earlier this year before the covid 19 out-break, damn I witnessed his crypto analysis first hand! Dude is really a genius.

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