XRP Ripple BREAKING news today: Ripple NEW FILING supports Fair Notice, NJ BlockFi cease & desist

XRP Ripple BREAKING news today (7/20): Ripple NEW FILING supports Fair Notice, NJ BlockFi cease & desist

XRP Ripple news today:
► Ripple NEW FILING supports Fair Notice
► NJ BlockFi cease & desist
► Upcoming 300th video: what do you want to see?

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Filan Law: New Ripple filing in support of Fair Notice defense states that “Commissioners Peirce and Roisman have candidly explained that there is a ‘decided lack of clarity for market participants around the application of the securities laws to digital assets and their trading”

New Jersey orders BlockFi cryptocurrency firm to stop offering interest-bearing accounts

00:00 Intro
00:41 Crypto Market Update
01:31 Ripple NEW FILING supports Fair Notice
03:29 “Decided Lack of Clarity”
05:55 NJ BlockFi cease & desist



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    • That is it. The biggest & most final nail in the SEC’s coffin (?). Can’t jus stop here, though. Should also hunt down Etherum co-founder who quited recently and that Willily boy Hinman for bribery indication🤔

    • Frank I’d like to see you connect with the other XRP Youtubers ie… The Bearable Bull, Digital Perspectives, Brad Garlinghouse, Hester Beautiful Peirce etc… Quincy Jones ask your Subbies what questions they want to ask!! But keep that content flowing Frank

    • And what are they gonna gain out of doing that this except to choke out the retail investors from making money off of crypto??? What will they’re new gameplan or excuse be to appeal? What can they do to help explain this any differently?

  1. Decided lack of clarity…..I thought the sec was a portion of our government that should be protecting us and helping us. It sure looks they are the exact opposite.

  2. You should read blockfi’s terms. They’re not responsible for any loss you may incur, even if they’re at fault.

  3. I’d love to see the house tour as well as would like to see your family. Maybe introduce us to all of them??? Thanks for the second video.

  4. Ripple will rule the world in 2021
    Is 2.7 quadrillion dollar Bitcoin will goes to trillion 💵

    Ripple covid exit plan in 2021

  5. Its nice to see that there is at least 2 honest souls working at the SEC. We as the XRP community should feel indebted to those two individuals. Much respect to them both.

  6. I wonder if we will see more states crackdown on companies like BlockFi. There’s a lot of fear around stablecoins and the reserves that back them. Great update!

  7. Hi Frank. Being from the UK I know we moan about our governments corruption and the way the country is run mostly for their gain, but jesus America have got it really bad.
    The land of the free!! Should be land of the free as long as we can line our pockets

  8. Why would they let him speak? I still don’t believe he’ll be deposed until I actually see it happening. They fight like crazy to stop him from being deposed? Now they are confident enough to allow him to speak and they have already agreed on whats privileged????NO WAY, SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT…. SETTLEMENT MAYBE ??? AND WHY 27TH??? 1 DAY BEFORE CONGRESS’S DEADLINE???HMMM

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